At Limescapes, our specialist stonemasons have been working with Architects, Builders and Property Developers for over 20 years, using their superior skills to craft stonework for all types of properties and developments.

We take on projects for residential homes, commercial developments, Government projects and landscaping clients and all our work is designed and built to suit the unique nature of the site and project.

Our teams are cohesive units of skilled and professional craftsmen who are all dedicated to their work and our customers.

As highly skilled specialists, we take pride in delivering stonework that is of an exceptionally high standard. No matter what the challenges of your or your client’s site, we can offer creative and time-efficient solutions that will achieve your desired outcomes.


We have worked closely with builders across the Perth metro area for the past 20 years, developing a deep understanding of the commercial pressures of modern building.

In response to these pressures, we offer rapid quoting and a highly mobile workforce to complete the highest quality work with rapid turnaround times.

We’ve become a trusted name among builders because we provide prompt quotes, mobilise highly skilled work teams quickly, work as a singular organised unit, and deliver excellent results to tight deadlines.

We undertake all types of stonework from mass limestone retaining walls to traditional artisan stonework. Our expertise can also be called upon for onsite consultations and remediation work.

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Specialists in building stone walls and structures, we have worked with Property Developers in the Perth metro area for over 20 years.

We undertake a range of projects from large scale limestone retaining walls, to dramatic fencing and entryways, or feature stone cladding for multi-storey buildings.

Our depth of experience means we understand how to work closely with local councils, manage the engineering requirements of each property development, and maintain positive working relationships with other designers and engineers.

More than just stonemasons, our skills and construction experience gives us the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. In particular, solving property development issues that arise from planning restrictions.

When unforeseen problems arise and changes are necessary, we work with surveyors and builders to provide effective solutions that will achieve the best possible outcome for the project.

While our team is sought after for their skills, we are respected and remembered for our organisation and efficiency.


Artisan stonework offers such a unique architectural aesthetic that we often take on projects for architects who want to showcase stone in their work.

Actively involved in the construction industry, we’re up-to-date with the latest architectural ideas and finishes and also experienced in the reproduction of classic artisan stonework.

Whether it’s a feature piece or bespoke stone detailing for residential or commercial projects, we can work with architects and their clients to achieve the desired vision.

For architectural projects that we take on, we consider both the engineering of the project as well as the desired aesthetic, creating a solution that will satisfy both areas.

We undertake a range of different types of stonework, including restoration, stone cladding, stone arches, rock pitching, older style artisan stonework, stone flagging, stone fireplaces and drystone.

Our experience and skills in the building industry allow us to provide ideas that will achieve the right aesthetic in the most practical and commercially realistic way.

With an efficient quoting process and dedicated consultation throughout the project, we ensure that all delivered stonework is of the highest quality.



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